Over the last few years our label has developed into a collective entity of its own. With members of our internal team growing we are seeking to restructure the label, ensuring we remain true to the ideals we set out and stand for. It is important now, more than ever, to give transparency and widen the dialogue and output of our label to better represent the diversity and integrity of all creators. With an open mind, as we are determined to divert and grow beyond all reductive music industry norms.

Release Model

CR have three release structures:

CR00 - Our mainline releases; embodying an encompassing theme and conceptual release format.
CRWL - Our specialist white label series that include Vinyl, download + streaming only.
CRDL - Our download series of releases that feature Download + Streaming release only.


We welcome the submission of any music for consideration 1 - singles, EP’s, albums and demos - as well as other forms of creative art such as sculpture, photography, painting, design and literature. We encourage artists to submit art with a strong influencing theme and idea.

Artists are welcome to sell their release/product via their own channel(s) in addition to Circadian Rhythms’s. Artists will retain 100% of any revenue generated via their own channels and will not be asked to account this on to CR. Artists are also free to undertake any distribution or physical production themselves at their own cost.

We pride ourselves on our physical releases and in most cases we would like to create additional components to enrich the release. With an internal team available for each release CR can assist with creative direction, the design and development of responsibly produced physical copies of the release, merchandise2, web design and build and other digital PR assets.

All net digital sales via CR channels (CR Shop, BandCamp etc.) will (in the most case) be subject to a 50:50 artist/label split after all additional and agreed costs have been recouped.

Distribution and playlisting services are available to artists via our distribution partners SRD. Income via this service is subject to a fee of 22%. The remaining revenue after SRD’s deductions will (in the most case) be split 50:50 between the artist and label.

Mixing, mastering and PR services can be offered by the label and accordingly agreed to be financially recouped from streaming, merch, physical revenue.

We highly support charitable releases. If you intend to donate a % of revenue to a certain charity, we can discuss waiving certain costs or matching a donation.

The term on all recordings Circadian Rhythms sign will be a maximum of 3 years (Opposed to some industry norms of a lifetime), after which point all musical recording rights revert to the artist.

1 It is crucial to us that the artist is comfortable and in full understanding with how every aspect of their project is to be handled and we will not have any contract agreed upon or signed until this is ensured.

2 We have a strict ecological policy with physical production and will rigorously ensure all objects have the lowest environmental impact possible.


We have a growing internal team of contributors willing to help to bring a release to fruition. It will be discussed prior to confirming a release as to who will work on the project devoting the responsibility and conviction of that aspect of the release to them. These roles can be shifted at any time given everyone is in agreement to the transfer of responsibility within the project.

Payments are distributed twice a year (July and January) whereby artists receive a breakdown of income and sales.

Previously having all label contributors being unpaid, we are in the process of implementing a transparent payment system for all contributors who help on a release. Profit splits between label contributors will be decided with the artist and will be equal to the work undergone on the release.


Due to the diverse nature of our releases, contracts are bespoke for each project. Nothing will be signed before all aspects of the release have been agreed on and we are open to the artist proposing their own contractual terms and conditions to be considered.

Click here to preview and download the template contract on type of release we offer:



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