Founded in 2013, in London, by producers Last Japan and Blackwax, Circadian Rhythms is a multidisciplinary label engaged in evolving the delivery of sound. Since launching their monthly show on NTS, Circadian Rhythms (CR) has expanded into a larger collective attracting artists, designers and musicians from all over the world.

The label's conceptual release formats challenge the conventions of how music can be obtained and consumed, in a mostly saturated digital age. With a focus on sustainability, ecological concern and self/communal empowerment within each project, Circadian Rhythms sets to redefine the value and purpose of music.


As a conceptual, multi-disciplinary label, we explore new and innovative ways to present live music and art to our audience. With our series CYCLE, we aim to combine the performance elements from some of our favourite artists and label affiliates, whilst showcasing the broad and varying output of visual designers. Cycle nights will be on-going with CR Members receiving discounted tickets.

NTS Radio

CR on NTS Radio has been a cornerstone for all in Grime, Jungle, hybrid genres and underground music; a radio show that has been praised for supporting rising talent and established musicians within the scene.

From 2020 CR x NTS radio shows are aired on bi-monthly basis. We will consider all submissions made for mixes of all genres.


We encourage all fans and collaborators of CR to create a dialogue to help enrich the label. On our Discord, members are able to discuss releases and have input on future releases and developments within the label. Members of the CR internal team are active in moderating and engaging with the community.

It is at the core of our label's ethos to engage with and support disadvantaged communities and help raise awareness for social, political and health issues that need to be correctly understood by a wider audience. In the past we have raised donations and hosted fundraiser events for such charities as Mind Mental Health, Cancer Support UK, London Youth + More.


We welcome all questions, feedback and submissions via the appropriate links below. Not all submissions can be responded to but if anything catches our attention we will endeavour to get back to you. If you are interested in joining CR, please send a CV and short cover letter to the enquiries email below.

All enquiries

Music + mix sumbissions:

Non-musical submissions:
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We are now offering a CR membership for an annual fee of £30.


  • Exclusive release products
  • Discounted merch
  • Access to our Key Chain series
  • Reduced event entry
  • + more

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  • William Green
  • Marco Giuliani
  • Jase Coop
  • Linus Nicholson
  • Sam McDermott
  • Jacob Thompson
  • Dylan Tushar
  • Luke Dubuis


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